• From Middle English pyne, from Latin pīnus, from Proto-Indo-European *peyH- ("sap, juice"). Cognate with Sanskrit पितु ("sap, juice, resin"). pinus.
  • From Middle English pine, pyne, from Old English *pīn, from Proto-Germanic *pīnō, possibly from Latin poena, from Ancient Greek ποινή ("penalty, fine, bloodmoney"). Cognate to pain.
  • Entered Germanic with Christianity; cognate to Middle Dutch pinen, Old High German pīnōn, Old Norse pína.
  • From Middle English pinen, from Old English pīnian, from Proto-Germanic *pīnōną, from Proto-Germanic *pīnō, from the noun (see above). Cognate with German peinigen, Icelandic pína.

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