A pineapple-style hand grenade



  • A tropical plant, Ananas comosus, native to South America, having thirty or more long, spined and pointed leaves surrounding a thick stem.
  • The ovoid fruit of the pineapple plant, which has very sweet white or yellow flesh, a tough, spiky shell and a tough, fibrous core.
  • The flesh of a pineapple fruit used as a food item.
  • An Australian fifty dollar note.
  • A (Chilomycterus antillarum (species), syn. Chilomycterus geometricus (species))
  • A light yellow colour, like that of pineapple flesh (also called pineapple yellow).
  • A pinecone.
  • A decorative carving of a pineapple fruit used as a symbol of hospitality.
  • A hand grenade.
  • A hairstyle consisting of a ponytail worn on top of the head, imitating the leaves of a pineapple.


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