A mouse (rodent).




  • To move cautiously or furtively, in the manner of a mouse (the rodent) (frequently used in the phrasal verb to mouse around).
  • To hunt or catch mice (the rodents), usually of cats.
  • To close the mouth of a hook by a careful binding of marline or wire.
  • To navigate by means of a computer mouse.
  • To tear, as a cat devours a mouse.


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  • From Middle English mous, from Old English mūs, from Proto-West Germanic *mūs, from Proto-Germanic *mūs, from Proto-Indo-European *muh₂s.
  • Germanic cognates include Old Frisian mūs, Old Saxon mūs (German Low German Muus), Dutch muis, Old High German mūs (German Maus), Old Norse mús (Swedish mus, Danish mus, Norwegian mus, Icelandic mús, Faroese mús).
  • Indo-European cognates include Ancient Greek μῦς, Latin mūs, Spanish mur, Armenian մուկ, Old Church Slavonic мꙑшь (Russian мышь), Albanian mi, Persian موش,Northern Kurdish mişk,Sanskrit मूष्.
  • The computing sense was and first used publicly in a publication titled "Computer-Aided Display Control".

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