• A platform mounted on two shafts, or a more elaborate construction, designed to be carried by two (or more) people to transport one (in luxury models sometimes more) third person(s) or (occasionally in the elaborate version) a cargo, such as a religious idol.
  • The offspring of a mammal born in one birth.
  • Material used as bedding for animals.
  • Collectively, items discarded on the ground.
  • Absorbent material used in an animal's litter tray
  • Layer of fallen leaves and similar organic matter in a forest floor.
  • A covering of straw for plants.


  • To drop or throw trash without properly disposing of it (as discarding in public areas rather than trash receptacles).
  • To scatter carelessly about.
  • To strew (a place) with scattered articles.
  • To give birth to, used of animals.
  • To produce a litter of young.
  • To supply (cattle etc.) with litter; to cover with litter, as the floor of a stall.
  • To be supplied with litter as bedding; to sleep or make one's bed in litter.


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  • From Anglo-Norman litiere (modern French litière), from Medieval Latin lectaria, from Latin lectus; confer Ancient Greek λέκτρον. Had the sense ‘bed’ in very early English, but then came to mean ‘portable couch’, ‘bedding’, ‘strewn rushes (for animals)’, etc.

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