• Able to be seen or known by everyone; open to general view, happening without concealment.
  • Pertaining to the people as a whole (as opposed to a private group); concerning the whole country, community etc.
  • Officially representing the community; carried out or funded by the state on behalf of the community.
  • Open to all members of a community; especially, provided by national or local authorities and supported by money from taxes.
  • Traded publicly via a stock market.
  • Accessible to the program in general, not only to the class or any subclasses.


  • The people in general, regardless of membership of any particular group.
  • A particular group or demographic to be targeted.
  • A public house; an inn.


Opposite words


  • From Anglo-Norman publik, public, Middle French public, publique et al., and their source, Latin pÅ«blicus ("pertaining to the people"). Compare people.

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