• The process of childbearing; the beginning of life.
  • An instance of childbirth.
  • A beginning or start; a point of origin.
  • The circumstances of one's background, ancestry, or upbringing.
  • That which is born.
  • Misspelling of berth


  • A familial relationship established by childbirth.



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  • From Middle English birthe (1250), from earlier burthe, burde, from Old Norse burðr, byrd (Old Swedish byrth, Swedish börd), replacing Old English ġebyrd (rare variant byrþ), equivalent to bear + -th (compare also berth). The Old Norse is from Proto-Germanic *burdiz (compare Old Frisian berde, berd); Old English ġebyrd is from prefixed *gaburþiz (compare Dutch geboorte, German Geburt), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰr̥tis (compare Latin fors ("luck"), Old Irish brith), from *bʰer-. More at bear.
  • From Middle English birthen, birðen, from the noun (see above).

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