• Knowledge; the state of knowing.
  • Knowledge; the state of knowing; now confined to the fixed phrase ‘in the know’


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  • From Middle English knowen, from Old English cnāwan ("to know, perceive, recognise"), from Proto-West Germanic *knāan, from Proto-Germanic *knēaną ("to know"), from Proto-Indo-European *ǵneh₃- ("to know").
  • from Proto-Germanic: Scots knaw ("to know, recognise"), Icelandic kná ("to know, know how to, be able"), Old High German knājan ("to know, recognise"), Old Norse kná ("to know how"). Remotely related also Dutch and German kennen, West Frisian kenne (see English ken).
  • from Indo-European: Latin cognoscō (Spanish conocer, French connaître, Italian conoscere, Portuguese conhecer), Ancient Greek γνωρίζω ("I know") and γνῶσις, Albanian njoh ("I know, recognise"), Russian знать ("to know"), Lithuanian žinoti ("to know"), and Persian شناختن ("to know").

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