• To match (something or someone which one currently perceives) to a memory of some previous encounter with the same person or thing.
  • To acknowledge the existence or legality of; to treat as valid or worthy of consideration.
  • To acknowledge or consider (as being a certain thing or having a certain quality or property).
  • To realize or discover the nature of something; apprehend quality in.
  • To show formal appreciation of, as with an award, commendation etc.
  • To review; to examine again.
  • To reconnoiter.
  • To have the property to bind to specific antigens.
  • to cognize again


  • Borrowed from Middle French reconoistre, from Old French reconoistre, from Latin recognoscere, first attested in the 16th century. Displaced native English acknow, compare German erkennen and Swedish erk√§nna.
  • From re- + cognize.

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