• To review materials already learned in order to make sure one does not forget them, usually in preparation for an examination.
  • To take a course or courses on a subject.
  • To acquire knowledge on a subject with the intention of applying it in practice.
  • To look at minutely.
  • To fix the mind closely upon a subject; to dwell upon anything in thought; to muse; to ponder.
  • To endeavor diligently; to be zealous.


  • Mental effort to acquire knowledge or learning.
  • The act of studying or examining; examination.
  • Any particular branch of learning that is studied; any object of attentive consideration.
  • A room in a house intended for reading and writing; traditionally the private room of the male head of household.
  • An artwork made in order to practise or demonstrate a subject or technique.
  • The human face, bearing an expression which the observer finds amusingly typical of a particular emotion or state of mind.
  • A piece for special practice; an ├ętude.
  • An academic publication.
  • One who commits a theatrical part to memory.
  • A state of mental perplexity or worried thought.
  • Thought, as directed to a specific purpose; one's concern.


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  • From Middle English studie, from Old French estudie (Modern French ├ętude), from Latin studium ("zeal, dedication, study"), from Proto-Indo-European *(s)tewd- ("to push, hit"). studio.

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