Calks (identified by the letter "C" on the shown horseshoe) consist of spur-point and a shank to form an antislipping device.



  • The U-shaped shoe of a horse, now typically made of metal; by extension, a representation of this used to play the game horseshoes, hung as a luck charm, etc.
  • The U shape of a horseshoe.
  • A well-developed set of triceps brachii muscles.
  • The symbol ⊃.
  • An open-faced sandwich originating from Springfield, Illinois, consisting of thick-sliced toasted bread, often Texas toast, a hamburger patty, French fries, and a cheese sauce.


  • To apply horseshoes to (a horse).


Similar words


  • Image:Horseshoe.jpg|thumb|A metal horseshoe (1)
  • From Middle English hors sho, horssho, horscho, hors schoo, equivalent to horse + shoe.

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