Map of US highlighting Illinois


Proper Noun

  • state USA (country) named for the people.
  • A confederation of Algonquian tribes who lived in the Mississippi River Valley.
  • The Algonquian language spoken by these tribes; the Miami-Illinois language.
  • A river in USA (country) that flows from western Illinois (state) into the river, Mississippi River.
  • A river in Colorado (state), USA (country) that flows from the Never Summer Mountains in the Rockies (mountain range) into the river, Michigan River.
  • A river in Oklahoma (state), USA (country) that flows from the Ozarks (mountain range) into the river, Arkansas River.
  • A river in Oregon (state), USA (country) that flows from the southwestern corner of the state into the river, Rogue River.
  • University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign.


  • A member of the above-mentioned tribe.


  • From a French adaptation of an Algonquian (perhaps Ojibwe) name derived from Miami ilenweewa.

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