Map of US highlighting Colorado


Proper Noun

  • A major river of western North (continent) America, running from the Rocky (mountain range) Mountains in the United (country) States to the gulf, Gulf of California in Mexico (country).
  • A state in the western United (country) States, the 38th state .
  • A river in Texas (state) in the United (country) States, flowing into the gulf, Gulf of Mexico.
  • A river in southern Argentina (country), running from the Andes (mountain range) into the ocean, Atlantic.
  • Several settlements in the Americas.
  • The Territory of Colorado, a former territory of the United States.
  • ghost town California (state) USA (country).


  • From Spanish colorado ("red, ruddy, colored"), usually from the reddish appearance of some silt-laden rivers, or from Portuguese colorado in the case of Brazilian locations.

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