paved street, gutter and storm drain, curb



  • A prepared channel in a surface, especially at the side of a road adjacent to a curb, intended for the drainage of water.
  • A ditch along the side of a road.
  • A duct or channel beneath the eaves of a building to carry rain water; eavestrough.
  • A groove down the sides of a bowling lane.
  • A large groove (commonly behind animals) in a barn used for the collection and removal of animal excrement.
  • Any narrow channel or groove, such as one formed by erosion in the vent of a gun from repeated firing.
  • A space between printed columns of text.
  • One of a number of pieces of wood or metal, grooved in the centre, used to separate the pages of type in a form.
  • An unprinted space between rows of stamps.
  • A drainage channel.
  • The notional locus of things, acts, or events which are distasteful, ill bred or morally questionable.
  • A low, vulgar state.
  • The spaces between comic book panels.
  • One who or that which guts.


  • To flow or stream; to form gutters.
  • To melt away by having the molten wax run down along the side of the candle.
  • To flicker as if about to be extinguished.
  • To send (a bowling ball) into the gutter, not hitting any pins.
  • To supply with a gutter or gutters.
  • To cut or form into small longitudinal hollows; to channel.


  • From Middle English gutter, guttur, goter, from Anglo-Norman guttere, from Old French goutiere (French gouttière), ultimately from Latin gutta.
  • gut + -er

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