Grid in a triode.



  • A rectangular array of squares or rectangles of equal size, such as in a crossword puzzle.
  • A tiling of the plane with regular polygons; a honeycomb.
  • A system for delivery of electricity, consisting of various substations, transformers and generators, connected by wire.
  • A system or structure of distributed computers working mostly on a peer-to-peer basis, used mainly to solve single and complex scientific or technical problems or to process data at high speeds (as in clusters).
  • A method of marking off maps into areas.
  • The pattern of starting positions of the drivers for a race.
  • The third (or higher) electrode of a vacuum tube (triode or higher).
  • A battery-plate somewhat like a grating, especially a zinc plate in a primary battery, or a lead plate in a secondary or storage battery.
  • A grating of parallel bars; a gridiron.



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