• Clothing and ornamentation.
  • A collection laid out to be viewed in full.
  • An orderly series, arrangement or sequence.
  • Order; a regular and imposing arrangement; disposition in regular lines; hence, order of battle.
  • A large collection.
  • Common name for matrix.
  • Any of various data structures designed to hold multiple elements of the same type; especially, a data structure that holds these elements in adjacent memory locations so that they may be retrieved using numeric indices.
  • A ranking or setting forth in order, by the proper officer, of a jury as impanelled in a cause; the panel itself; or the whole body of jurors summoned to attend the court.
  • A militia.
  • A group of hedgehogs.
  • A microarray.


  • To clothe and ornament; to adorn or attire.
  • To lay out in an orderly arrangement; to deploy or marshal.
  • To set in order, as a jury, for the trial of a cause; that is, to call them one at a time.


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  • From Middle English arrayen, from Anglo-Norman arraier (compare Old French arraier, areer), from Medieval Latin arrฤ“dล ("to put in order, arrange, array"), from *rฤ“dum, from Frankish *reida ("preparation, order") or Gothic ๐Œฒ๐Œฐ๐‚๐Œฐ๐Œน๐Œธ๐ƒ ("ready, prepared"), from Proto-Germanic *raidaz, *raidiz. ready.

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