• A relationship or relation (to something).
  • A measurement one can compare to.
  • Information about a person, provided by someone (a referee) with whom they are well acquainted.
  • A person who provides this information; a referee.
  • A reference work.
  • That which serves as a reference work.
  • The act of referring: a submitting for information or decision.
  • A relation between objects in which one object designates, or acts as a means by which to connect to or link to, another object.
  • A short written identification of a previously published work which is used as a source for a text.
  • A previously published written work thus indicated; a source.
  • An object containing information which refers to data stored elsewhere, as opposed to containing the data itself.
  • A special sequence used to represent complex characters in markup languages, such as ™ for the ™ symbol.
  • Appeal.


  • To provide a list of references for (a text).
  • To refer to, to use as a reference.
  • To mention, to cite.
  • To contain the value that is a memory address of some value stored in memory.


Narrower meaning words


  • From Middle French référence, from Medieval Latin referentia, nominative neuter plural of referēns, present participle of referō.
  • Morphologically refer + -ence.

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