• To be suitable for.
  • To conform to in size and shape.
  • To be of the right size and shape
  • To make conform in size and shape.
  • To be in agreement with.
  • To adjust.
  • To attach, especially when requiring exact positioning or sizing.
  • To equip or supply.
  • To make ready.
  • To be seemly.
  • To be proper or becoming.
  • To be in harmony.
  • To suffer a fit.
  • Fought.


  • The degree to which something fits.
  • Conformity of elements one to another.
  • The part of an object upon which anything fits tightly.
  • Measure of how well a particular commercial execution captures the character or values of a brand.
  • Goodness of fit.
  • The quality of a partnership's combined holding of cards in a suit, particularly of trump.
  • A section of a poem or ballad.
  • A seizure or convulsion.
  • A sudden and vigorous appearance of a symptom over a short period of time.
  • A sudden outburst of emotion.
  • A sudden burst (of an activity).


  • Possibly from Middle English fit ("an adversary of equal power").
  • Unknown, possibly from Old English fitt ("song"), or from the sense of fitted to length.
  • Unknown, possibly from Old English fitt ("conflict").
  • Probably cognate with Italian fitta ("pain, especially sudden and stabbing pain").
  • See more at Latin figere.

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