• A cutting; a part cut out from the rest of something.
  • A part, piece, subdivision of anything.
  • A part of a document.
  • An act or instance of cutting.
  • A cross-section (image that shows an object as if cut along a plane).
  • An incision or the act of making an incision.
  • A thin slice of material prepared as a specimen for research.
  • A taxonomic rank below the genus (and subgenus if present), but above the species.
  • An informal taxonomic rank below the order ranks and above the family ranks.
  • A group of 10-15 soldiers led by a non-commissioned officer and forming part of a platoon.
  • A right inverse.
  • A piece of residential land; a plot.
  • A one-mile square area of land, defined by a government survey.
  • Any of the squares, each containing 640 acres, into which the public lands of the United States were divided.
  • The symbol §, denoting a section of a document.
  • A sequence of rock layers.
  • A class in a school; a group of students in a regularly scheduled meeting with a teacher in a certain school year or semester or school quarter year.


  • To cut, divide or separate into pieces.
  • To reduce to the degree of thinness required for study with the microscope.
  • To commit (a person, to a hospital, with or without their consent), as for mental health reasons.
  • To perform a cesarean section on (someone).


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  • From Middle English seccioun, from Old French section, from Latin sectiō ("cutting, cutting off, excision, amputation of diseased parts of the body, etc."), from sectus, past participle of secāre. More at saw.

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