A view of Earth from space


Proper Noun




  • From Middle English erthe, from Old English eorþe, from Proto-West Germanic *erþu, from Proto-Germanic *erþō ("dirt, ground, earth") (compare West Frisian ierde, Low German Eerd, Dutch aarde, Dutch Low Saxon eerde, German Erde, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian jord), related to *erwô (compare Old High German ero, perhaps Old Norse jǫrfi), from Proto-Indo-European *h₁er- (compare Ancient Greek *ἔρα in ἔραζε, perhaps Tocharian B yare ("gravel").
  • Probably unrelated, and of unknown etymology, is Old Armenian երկիր ("earth"). Likewise, the phonologically similar Proto-Semitic *ʔarṣ́- – whence Arabic أَرْض, Hebrew אֶרֶץ – is probably not related.

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