• To shine, gleam.
  • To make, or cause to make, a soft, crisp sound.
  • Of gold or silver: To exhibit blick.


  • The brightening or iridescence appearing on silver or gold at the end of the cupelling or refinishing process.
  • A sawed-off length of something.


  • Perhaps ; perhaps an error for, or nonce alteration of, blink or click; perhaps a continuation of Middle English bliken (compare blicker), which may have survived in dialect despite not being attested in print for 500 years.
  • From German Blick ("look, glance, twinkle, flash"), from Middle High German blic, from Old High German blik, blich, from Proto-West Germanic, from Proto-Germanic *blikiz ("shine, appearance, look"). Cognate with Dutch blik, Danish blik, Icelandic blik ("gleam, sheen"), Old English blice ("sheen, denuded site").

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