Example of a blinking human eye (slow-motion)



  • To close and reopen both eyes quickly.
  • To flash on and off at regular intervals.
  • To perform the smallest action that could solicit a response.
  • To shut out of sight; to evade; to shirk.
  • To trick; to deceive.
  • To turn slightly sour, or blinky, as beer, milk, etc.
  • To teleport, mostly for short distances.


  • The act of very quickly closing both eyes and opening them again.
  • The time needed to close and reopen one's eyes.
  • A text formatting feature that causes text to disappear and reappear as a form of visual emphasis.
  • A glimpse or glance.
  • gleam; glimmer; sparkle
  • The dazzling whiteness about the horizon caused by the reflection of light from fields of ice at sea; iceblink
  • Boughs cast where deer are to pass, in order to turn or check them.
  • An ability that allows teleporting, mostly for short distances


Similar words


  • From Middle English blynken, blenken, from Old English blincan (suggested by causative verb blenċan; > English blench), from Proto-Germanic *blinkaną, a variant of *blīkaną. Cognate with Dutch blinken, German blinken, Danish blinke, Swedish blinka. Related to blank, blick, blike, bleak.

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