• In a loud manner.
  • In a boasting manner.
  • In a large amount or to a large extent.
  • On a large scale, expansively.
  • Hard.


  • Someone or something that is large in stature
  • An important or powerful person; a celebrity; a big name.
  • The big leagues, big time.
  • The participant in ageplay who acts out the older role.
  • One or more kinds of barley, especially six-rowed barley.



Opposite words


  • From a northern Middle English dialectal term big, bigge possibly from a dialect of Old Norse. Ultimately perhaps a derivative of Proto-Germanic *bugja- ("swollen up, thick"), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰew-, *bu-, in which case big would be related to bogey#Etymology_1, [[bugbear, and bug.
  • Compare dialectal Norwegian bugge, Low German Bögge, Boggelmann.
  • From Middle English biggen, byggen, from Old Norse byggja, byggva, a secondary form of Old Norse búa ("to dwell"), related to Old English buan ("to dwell"). Cognate with Danish bygge, Swedish bygga.
  • From Middle English byge, from Old Norse bygg ("barley, probably Hordeum vulgare, common barley"), from Proto-Germanic *bewwuz ("crop, barley"). Cognate with Old English bēow.

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