• A movement that twists or pulls violently; a tug.
  • An injury caused by a violent twisting or pulling of a limb; strain, sprain.
  • A trick or artifice.
  • Deceit; guile; treachery.
  • A turn at an acute angle.
  • A winch or windlass.
  • A screw.
  • A distorting change from the original meaning.
  • A hand tool for making rotational adjustments, such as fitting nuts and bolts, or fitting pipes; a spanner.
  • An adjustable spanner used by plumbers.
  • A violent emotional change caused by separation.
  • In screw theory, a screw assembled from force and torque vectors arising from application of Newton's laws to a rigid body.
  • means; contrivance
  • In coursing, the act of bringing the hare round at less than a right angle, worth half a point in the recognised code of points for judging.


  • To violently move in a turn or writhe.
  • To pull or twist violently.
  • To turn aside or deflect.
  • To slander.
  • To tighten with or as if with a winch.
  • To injure (a joint) by pulling or twisting.
  • To distort from the original meaning.
  • To thrust a weapon in a twisting motion.
  • To disarm an opponent by whirling his or her blade away.
  • To rack with pain.
  • To deprive by means of a violent pull or twist.
  • To use the tool known as a wrench.


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  • From Middle English wrench, from Old English wrenċ, from Proto-Germanic *wrankiz. Compare German Rank.
  • From Middle English wrenchen, from Old English wrenċan, from Proto-Germanic *wrankijaną. Compare German renken.

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