• To make a whoop.
  • To shout, to yell.
  • To cough or breathe with a sonorous inspiration, as in whooping cough.
  • To insult with shouts; to chase with derision.
  • To beat, to strike.
  • To defeat thoroughly.


  • From Middle English whopen, whowpen, howpen, houpen, partially from Old French houper, hopper, houpper, from Proto-Germanic *hwลpanฤ… (compare Gothic ๐ˆ๐‰๐€๐Œฐ๐Œฝ, Old English hwลpan); and partially from Middle English wop, from Old English wลp, from Proto-Germanic *wลpaz (compare Old Norse รณpa, Gothic ๐…๐‰๐€๐Œพ๐Œฐ๐Œฝ).
  • Corruption of whip.

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