• The official who presides over a tennis game sat on a high chair.
  • One of the two white-coated officials who preside over a cricket match.
  • One of usually 4 officials who preside over a baseball game.
  • The official who stands behind the line on the defensive side.
  • A match official on the ground deciding and enforcing the rules during play. As of 2007 the Australian Football League uses 3, or in the past 2 or just 1. The other officials, the goal umpires and boundary umpires, are normally not called just umpires alone.
  • A person who arbitrates between contending parties.
  • The official who presides over a curling game.


  • To act as an umpire in a game.
  • To decide as an umpire.


  • From a Middle English rebracketing of noumpere, from Old French nonper, from non + per, from Latin par.

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