• Alternative of torus
  • The surface described by the circumference of a circle revolving about a straight line in its own plane.
  • The solid enclosed by such a surface; an anchor ring.
  • The dead grass that remains on mowing land in winter and spring.


  • From Middle English tor, tore, toor, from Old Norse tor- ("hard, difficult, wrong, bad"), from Proto-Germanic *tuz- ("hard, difficult, wrong, bad"), from Proto-Indo-European *dus- ("bad, ill, difficult"), from Proto-Indo-European *dēwǝ- ("to fail, be behind, be lacking"). Cognate with Old High German zur- ("mis-"), Gothic 𐍄𐌿𐌶- ("hard, difficult"), Ancient Greek δυσ- ("bad, ill, difficult"). More at dys-.
  • See torus.
  • Probably from the root of tear; compare Welsh word for a break or cut.

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