Human toes



  • Each of the five digits on the end of the foot.
  • An equivalent part in an animal.
  • That part of a shoe or sock covering the toe.
  • Something resembling a toe, especially at the bottom or extreme end of something.
  • An advanced form of ballet primarily for the females, dancing ballet primarily using a Pointe shoe.
  • An alignment of the wheels of a road vehicle, either positive (toe in), meaning the wheels are closer together at the front than at the back, or negative (toe out), the other way round.
  • The journal, or pivot, at the lower end of a revolving shaft or spindle, which rests in a step.
  • A lateral projection at one end, or between the ends, of a piece, such as a rod or bolt, by means of which it is moved.
  • A projection from the periphery of a revolving piece, acting as a cam to lift another piece.
  • The long side of an angled cut.
  • The upper end of the bit (cutting edge) of an axehead; as opposed to the heel (lower end).


  • To furnish (a stocking, etc.) with a toe.
  • To touch, tap or kick with the toes.
  • To touch or reach with the toes; to come fully up to.
  • To fasten (a piece) by driving a fastener at a near-45-degree angle through the side (of the piece) into the piece to which it is to be fastened.
  • To mishit a golf ball with the toe of the club.


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  • From Middle English to, from Old English tā, (Mercian) tāhe, from Proto-Germanic *taihwǭ (compare Dutch teen, German Zehe, Swedish tå), from *tīhwaną (compare Old English teōn ("to accuse"), German zeihen ("to accuse, blame")), from Proto-Indo-European *deyḱ- ("to show") (compare Hittite, Latin dīcere ("to say"), digitus, Ancient Greek δείκνυμι ("to point out, show"), Sanskrit दिदेष्टि, दिशति).

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