• To place in, or as if in, a sty
  • To live in a sty, or any messy or dirty place
  • To ascend, rise up, climb.


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  • From Middle English sty, from Old English stī, stiġ, from Proto-Germanic *stiją. Cognate with German Steige ("hen-coop"), Danish sti ("enclosure for swine, sheep, hens, etc."), Swedish stia ("sty for pigs, geese, etc."), Norwegian sti ("flock of sheep"), Icelandic stía ("a kennel").
  • From Middle English stien, stiȝen, stighen, from Old English stīgan, from Proto-West Germanic *stīgan, from Proto-Germanic *stīganą, from Proto-Indo-European *steygʰ-. Cognate with Dutch stijgen, German steigen, Norwegian Bokmål stige, Norwegian Nynorsk and Swedish stiga, Old Norse stíga.
  • From Middle English styanye, mistaken as "sty on eye" yet composed of Old English stīġend, agent noun from stīgan + Middle English yë.

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