• To arrange or form into a shape of a ladder.
  • To ascend (a building, a wall, etc.) using a ladder.
  • Of a knitted garment: to develop a ladder as a result of a broken thread.
  • To close in on a target with successive salvos, increasing or decreasing the shot range as necessary.


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  • From Middle English ladder, laddre, from Old English hlǣder, from Proto-Germanic *hlaidrijō (compare Scots ledder, North Frisian ladder, Saterland Frisian Laadere, West Frisian ljedder, Dutch ladder, leer, German Leiter), from Proto-Indo-European *ḱleytro (compare Old Irish clithar ("hedge"), Umbrian 𐌊𐌋𐌄𐌈𐌓𐌀𐌌 ("stretcher")), from Proto-Indo-European *ḱley- ("to lean#Verb"). See [[lean, which is related to lid.

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