• A person who manages the property or affairs for another entity
  • A ship's officer who is in charge of making dining arrangements and provisions.
  • A flight attendant, especially male.
  • A union member who is selected as a representative for fellow workers in negotiating terms with management.
  • A person who has charge of buildings, grounds and/or animals.
  • A fiscal agent of certain bodies.
  • A junior assistant in a Masonic lodge.
  • An officer who provides food for the students and superintends the kitchen; also, an officer who attends to the accounts of the students.
  • A magistrate appointed by the crown to exercise jurisdiction over royal lands.
  • Somebody who is responsible for managing a set of projects, products or technologies and how they affect the IT organization to which they belong.


  • To act as the steward or caretaker of (something)


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  • From Middle English steward, stiward, from Old English stīweard, stiġweard, from stiġ + weard, equivalent to sty + ward. Compare Icelandic stívarður ("steward"). More at sty, ward.

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