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  • From Middle English ward, from Old English weard ("keeper, watchman, guard, guardian, protector; lord, king; possessor"), from Proto-Germanic *warduz ("guard, keeper"), from Proto-Indo-European *wer- ("to heed, defend"). Cognate with German Wart.
  • From Middle English ward, warde, from Old English weard, from Proto-Germanic *wardō, an extension of the stem *wara- (English wary, beware), from Proto-Indo-European *wer-. Cognate with German Warte, warten; English guard is a parallel form which came via Old French.
  • From Middle English warden, from Old English weardian ("to watch, guard, keep, protect, preserve; hold, possess, occupy, inhabit; rule, govern"), from Proto-West Germanic *wardēn, from Proto-Germanic *wardōną, *wardāną, from Proto-Indo-European *wer- ("to heed, defend").

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