Sprinklers spraying water to irrigate vine plants in a vineyard



  • A fine, gentle, dispersed mist of liquid.
  • A pressurized container; an atomizer.
  • Any of numerous commercial products, including paints, cosmetics, and insecticides, that are dispensed from containers in this manner.
  • A jet of fine medicated vapour, used either as an application to a diseased part or to charge the air of a room with a disinfectant or a deodorizer.
  • A side channel or branch of the runner of a flask, made to distribute the metal to all parts of the mold.
  • A group of castings made in the same mold and connected by sprues formed in the runner and its branches.
  • The allocation and filling of blocks of memory with the same byte sequence, hoping to establish that sequence in a certain predetermined location as part of an exploit.
  • A loud scolding or reprimand, usually delivered by a sports coach or similar figure.
  • A small branch of flowers or berries.
  • A collective body of small branches.
  • Branches and twigs collectively; foliage.
  • An orchard.
  • An ornament or design that resembles a branch.



  • From Middle Dutch spraien, sprayen, spraeyen, ultimately from Proto-Germanic *sprēwijaną ("to spray, sprinkle"), from Proto-Indo-European *sper- ("to sow, scatter"). Cognate with Middle High German spræjen, spræwen, Danish dialectal språe, Swedish dialectal språ, Norwegian dialectal spra, spræ, Dutch sproeien ("to spray, sprinkle"), German sprühen ("to spray, sparkle").
  • From Middle English spray, from Old English *spræġ, sprei (found in place names such as that of Spreyton, England), of unknown origin.

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