A French stoneware pilgrim flask.





  • From Middle English flask, flaske, from Old English flasce, flaxe and Medieval Latin flascō ("bottle"); from Frankish *flasko, *flaska; whence also Dutch fles; both from Proto-Germanic *flaskǭ ("braid-covered bottle, wicker-enclosed jug") (whence also German Low German Flaske, Fless, German Flasche), from Proto-Indo-European *ploḱ-skō ("flat") (whence also Lithuanian plókščias, Czech ploský, Albanian flashkët), or from Proto-Indo-European *pleḱ- ("to weave").
  • Sense 2 from Italian fiasco and sense 3 from Middle French flasque ("powder flask"), itself from Old Spanish flasco, frasco, both from Late Latin above.

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