A bacterial smear



  • To spread (a substance, especially one that colours or is dirty) across a surface by rubbing.
  • To cover (a surface with a layer of some substance) by rubbing.
  • To make something dirty.
  • To make a surface dirty by covering it.
  • To damage someone's reputation by slandering, misrepresenting, or otherwise making false accusations about them, their statements, or their actions.
  • To cause (something) to be messy or not clear by rubbing and spreading it.
  • To become messy or not clear by being spread.
  • To write or draw (something) by spreading a substance on a surface.
  • To cause (something) to be a particular colour by covering with a substance.
  • To rub (a body part, etc.) across a surface.
  • To attempt to remove (a substance) from a surface by rubbing.
  • To climb without using footholds, using the friction from the shoe to stay on the wall.



  • From Middle English smeren, smerien, from Old English smerian, smyrian, smierwan, from Proto-Germanic *smirwijanÄ…. Cognate with Saterland Frisian smeere, Dutch smeren, Low German smeren, German schmieren.

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