Phalacrocorax aristotelis, the European shagEuropean shag






Similar words

  • stag and doe, stag and doe party
  • social, wedding social

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  • From Middle English *schagge, from Old English sċeacga, from Proto-Germanic *skaggô, *skaggiją, Proto-Germanic *skag-, from Proto-Indo-European *(s)kek-, *(s)keg-. Akin to Old Norse skegg (compare Danish skæg, Norwegian skjegg, Swedish skägg).
  • Perhaps a derivative of Etymology 1, above, with reference to the bird's shaggy crest.
  • From Middle English schaggen, a variant of Middle English schoggen, of uncertain origin. Perhaps a byform of Middle English schokken, related to Middle Low German schokken. Alternatively, perhaps ultimately from Proto-Germanic *skakkōną ("to shake"), specifically continuing a post-Proto-Germanic variant *skagg-, where the non-singular stem *skag- caused the analogical replacement of the stem-final voiceless geminate consonants with voiced geminates, which was then leveled throughout the paradigm.
  • Etymology unknown

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