Gateway with orbs (3)



  • A spherical body; a sphere, especially one of the celestial spheres; a sun, planet, or star
  • One of the azure transparent spheres conceived by the ancients to be enclosed one within another, and to carry the heavenly bodies in their revolutions
  • A structural motif or finial in the shape of a sphere
  • An orbit of an heavenly body
  • The time period of an orbit
  • The eye, seen as a luminous and spherical entity
  • Any revolving circular body, such as a wheel
  • A sphere of action.
  • A globus cruciger; a ceremonial sphere used to represent royal or imperial power
  • A translucent sphere appearing in flash photography (Orb (optics))
  • A body of soldiers drawn up in a circle, as for defence, especially infantry to repel cavalry.
  • A blank window or panel.


  • To form into an orb or circle.
  • To become round like an orb.
  • To encircle; to surround; to enclose.


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  • From Middle English orbe, from Old French orbe, from Latin orbis ("circle, orb"). Compare orbit.
  • From Old French orb ("blind"), from Latin orbus ("destitute").

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