A two-dimensional perspective projection of a sphere



  • A regular three-dimensional object in which every cross-section is a circle; the figure described by the revolution of a circle about its diameter .
  • A spherical physical object; a globe or ball.
  • The apparent outer limit of space; the edge of the heavens, imagined as a hollow globe within which celestial bodies appear to be embedded.
  • Any of the concentric hollow transparent globes formerly believed to rotate around the Earth, and which carried the heavenly bodies; there were originally believed to be eight, and later nine and ten; friction between them was thought to cause a harmonious sound (the music of the spheres).
  • An area of activity for a planet; or by extension, an area of influence for a god, hero etc.
  • The region in which something or someone is active; one's province, domain.
  • The set of all points in three-dimensional Euclidean space (or n-dimensional space, in topology) that are a fixed distance from a fixed point .
  • The extension of a general conception, or the totality of the individuals or species to which it may be applied.



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  • From Middle English spere, from Old French sphere, from Late Latin sphēra, earlier Latin sphaera, from Ancient Greek σφαῖρα, of unknown origin. Not related to superficially similar Persian سپهر ("sky") .

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