• A failure to hit.
  • A failure to obtain or accomplish.
  • The situation where an item is not found in a cache and therefore needs to be explicitly loaded.
  • A title of respect for a young woman (usually unmarried) with or without a name used.
  • An unmarried woman; a girl.
  • A kept woman; a mistress.
  • In the game of three-card loo, an extra hand, dealt on the table, which may be substituted for the hand dealt to a player.


Opposite words


  • From Middle English missen, from Old English missan ("to miss, escape the notice of a person"), Proto-Germanic *missijaną ("to miss, go wrong, fail"), from Proto-Indo-European *meytH- ("to change, exchange, trade"). Cognate with West Frisian misse ("to miss"), Dutch missen ("to miss"), German missen ("to miss"), Norwegian Bokmål and Danish miste ("to lose"), Swedish missa ("to miss"), Norwegian Nynorsk and Icelandic missa ("to lose").
  • From mistress.

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