• To listen to (something or someone); to pay attention to; regard; heed.
  • To listen (to, unto).
  • To turn one's consideration (to); to deal with (a task, problem, concern etc.), to look after.
  • To wait upon as a servant etc.; to accompany to assist (someone).
  • To be present at (an event or place) in order to take part in some action or proceedings; to regularly go to (an event or place).
  • To go to (a place) for some purpose (with at).
  • To be present with; to accompany; to be united or consequent to.
  • To wait for; to await; to remain, abide, or be in store for.
  • Alternative of atend .


Similar words


  • From Middle English attenden, atenden, from Old French atendre ("to attend, listen"), from Latin attendere ("to stretch toward, give heed to"), from ad + tendere; see tend and compare attempt.
  • From Middle English attenden, atenden, from Old English ātendan ("to set on fire, kindle, inflame, trouble, perplex"), equivalent to a- + tend.

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