Missouri mill token.



  • A grinding apparatus for substances such as grains, seeds, etc.
  • The building housing such a grinding apparatus.
  • A machine used for expelling the juice, sap, etc., from vegetable tissues by pressure, or by pressure in combination with a grinding, or cutting process.
  • A machine for grinding and polishing.
  • The raised or ridged edge or surface made in milling anything, such as a coin or screw.
  • A manufacturing plant for paper, steel, textiles, etc.
  • A building housing such a plant.
  • An establishment that handles a certain type of situation or procedure routinely, or produces large quantities of an item without much regard to quality, such as a divorce mill, a puppy mill, etc.
  • An institution awarding educational certificates not officially recognised
  • An engine.
  • A boxing match, fistfight.
  • A hardened steel roller with a design in relief, used for imprinting a reversed copy of the design in a softer metal, such as copper.
  • An excavation in rock, transverse to the workings, from which material for filling is obtained.
  • A passage underground through which ore is shot.
  • A milling cutter.
  • A prison treadmill.
  • A typewriter used to transcribe messages received.
  • An obsolete coin worth one thousandth of a US dollar, or one tenth of a cent.
  • One thousandth part, particularly in millage rates of property tax.
  • Alternative of mil
  • A line of three matching pieces in nine men's morris and related games.
  • Discarding a card from one's deck.
  • A strategy centered on depleting the opponent's deck.


  • To grind or otherwise process in a mill or other machine.
  • To shape, polish, dress or finish using a machine.
  • To engrave one or more grooves or a pattern around the edge of (a cylindrical object such as a coin).
  • To move about in an aimless fashion.
  • To cause to mill, or circle around.
  • To swim underwater.
  • To swim suddenly in a new direction.
  • To beat; to pound.
  • To pass through a fulling mill; to full, as cloth.
  • To roll (steel, etc.) into bars.
  • To make (drinking chocolate) frothy, as by churning.
  • To undergo hulling.
  • To take part in a fistfight; to box.
  • To fill (a winze or interior incline) with broken ore, to be drawn out at the bottom.
  • To commit burglary.
  • To move (a card) from a deck to the discard pile.
  • To destroy (a card) due to having a full hand.


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  • From Middle English mille, milne, from Old English mylen, from Proto-Germanic *mulīnō or *mulīnaz, from Late Latin molīnum or molīnus, from Latin molō, closely allied to Proto-Germanic *muljaną (see English millstone). Perhaps cognate with Milne. moulin.
  • Ultimately from Latin millesimum.
  • , name of a Magic: The Gathering card with this effect (first printed 1994).

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