• Effort expended on a particular task; toil, work.
  • That which requires hard work for its accomplishment; that which demands effort.
  • Workers in general; the working class, the workforce; sometimes specifically the labour movement, organised labour.
  • A political party or force aiming or claiming to represent the interests of labour.
  • The act of a mother giving birth.
  • The time period during which a mother gives birth.
  • The pitching or tossing of a vessel which results in the straining of timbers and rigging.
  • An old measure of land area in Mexico and Texas, approximately 177 acres. See also sitio
  • A group of moles.


  • To toil, to work.
  • To belabour, to emphasise or expand upon (a point in a debate, etc).
  • To be oppressed with difficulties or disease; to do one's work under conditions which make it especially hard or wearisome; to move slowly, as against opposition, or under a burden.
  • To suffer the pangs of childbirth.
  • To pitch or roll heavily, as a ship in a turbulent sea.


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  • From Middle English labouren, from Old French laborer, from Latin laborare ("(intransitive) to labor, strive, exert oneself, suffer, be in distress, (transitive) to work out, elaborate"), from labor; perhaps remotely akin to robur. Displaced native English swink ("toil, labor").

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