[1] King




  • To crown king, to make (a person) king.
  • To rule over as king.
  • To perform the duties of a king.
  • To assume or pretend preeminence (over); to lord it over.
  • To promote a piece of draughts/checkers that has traversed the board to the opposite side, that piece subsequently being permitted to move backwards as well as forwards.
  • To dress and perform as a drag king.


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  • From Middle English king, kyng, from Old English cyng, cyning, from Proto-West Germanic *kuning, from Proto-Germanic *kuningaz, *kunungaz, equivalent to kin + -ing. cyning.
  • Cognate with Scots keeng ("king"), North Frisian köning ("king"), West Frisian kening ("king"), Dutch koning ("king"), Low German Koning, Köning, German König ("king"), Danish konge ("king"), Norwegian konge, Swedish konung, kung, Icelandic konungur, kóngur, Finnish kuningas ("king"), Russian князь ("prince"), княги́ня. Eclipsed non-native Middle English roy (Early Modern English roy), borrowed from Old French roi, rei, rai.

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