• Related by blood or marriage, akin. Generally used in "kin to".


  • To identify with; as in empathize or emotionally relate to a fictional character.
  • Pronunciation spelling of can


  • From Middle English kin, kyn, ken, kun, from Old English cynn ("kind, sort, rank, quality, family, generation, offspring, pedigree, kin, race, people, gender, sex, propriety, etiquette"), from Proto-Germanic *kunją ("race, generation, descent"), from Proto-Indo-European, from *ǵenh₁-. Cognate with Scots kin ("relatives, kinfolk"), North Frisian kinn, kenn, Dutch kunne ("gender, sex"), Middle Low German kunne ("gender, sex, race, family, lineage"), Danish køn ("gender, sex"), Swedish kön ("gender, sex"), Icelandic kyn ("gender"), and through Indo-European, with Latin genus, Ancient Greek γένος, Sanskrit जनस्, Albanian dhen.

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