• the jaw, jawbone; especially one of the lateral parts of the mandible.
  • a fold of fatty flesh under the chin, around the cheeks, or lower jaw (as a dewlap, wattle, crop, or double chin).
  • the cheek; especially the cheek meat of a hog.
  • cut of fish including the head and adjacent parts



  • From Middle English chawl, chavel, from Old English ċeafl, from Proto-West Germanic *kafl.
  • From Middle English cholle ("wattle, jowl"), from Old English ċeole, ċeolu, from Proto-Germanic *kelǭ ("gullet") (compare West Frisian kiel, Dutch keel, German Kehle), from Proto-Indo-European *gʷelu- ("to swallow") (compare Old Irish in·gilid, Irish goile ("stomach"), Latin gula ("throat"), gluttiō, Russian глота́ть ("to swallow, gulp"), Ancient Greek δέλεαρ ("lure"), Armenian կլանել ("I swallow"), Persian گلو, Hindi गला ("neck, throat")).

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