• The soft skin on each side of the face, below the eyes; the outer surface of the sides of the oral cavity.
  • The lower part of the buttocks that is often exposed beneath very brief underwear, swimwear, or extremely short shorts.
  • Impudence.
  • One of the genae, flat areas on the sides of a trilobite's cephalon.
  • One of the pieces of a machine, or of timber or stonework, that form corresponding sides or a similar pair.
  • The branches of a bridle bit. .
  • Either side of an axehead.
  • The middle section of a flask, made so that it can be moved laterally, to permit the removal of the pattern from the mould.



  • From Middle English cheeke, cheke, cheoke, choke, from Old English ċēce, ċēace, ċēoce, from Proto-Germanic *kekǭ, *kēkǭ, *kakǭ, *kaukǭ, *keukǭ, from Proto-Indo-European *ǵyewh₁-.
  • Cognate with Saterland Frisian Sooke, West Frisian tsjeak, Dutch kaak, Swedish käke, Norwegian kjake, Old Norse kók.

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