• Any animal belonging to the Suidae family of mammals, especially the pig, the warthog, and the boar.
  • An adult swine .
  • A greedy person or thing; one who refuses to share.
  • A large motorcycle, particularly a Harley-Davidson.
  • A young sheep that has not been shorn.
  • A rough, flat scrubbing broom for scrubbing a ship's bottom under water.
  • A device for mixing and stirring the pulp from which paper is made.
  • A shilling coin; its value, 12 old pence.
  • A tanner, a sixpence coin; its value.
  • A half-crown coin; its value, 30 old pence.
  • the effect of the middle of the hull of a ship rising while the ends droop
  • A quahog


  • To greedily take more than one's share, to take precedence at the expense of another or others.
  • To clip the mane of a horse, making it short and bristly.
  • To scrub with a hog, or scrubbing broom.
  • To cause the keel of a ship to arch upwards (the opposite of sag).
  • To process (bark, etc.) into hog fuel.


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  • From Middle English hog, from Old English hogg, hocg, possibly from Old Norse hǫggva, from Proto-Germanic *hawwaną, from Proto-Indo-European *kewh₂-. Cognate with Old High German houwan, Old Saxon hauwan, Old English hēawan (English hew). Hog originally meant a castrated male pig, hence a sense of “the cut one”. (Compare hogget for a castrated male sheep.) More at hew.
  • Alternatively from a Brythonic language, from Proto-Celtic *sukkos, from Proto-Indo-European *suH- and thus cognate with Welsh hwch ("sow") and Cornish hogh ("pig").

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