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  • , perhaps from Frankish *hūrt, from Proto-Germanic *hrūtaną, *hreutaną, from Proto-Indo-European *krew-; however, the earliest instances of the verb in Middle English are as old as those found in Old French, which leads to the possibility that the Middle English word may instead be a reflex of an unrecorded Old English *hȳrtan, which later merged with the Old French verb. Germanic cognates include Dutch horten ("to push against, strike"), Middle Low German hurten ("to run at, collide with"), Middle High German hurten, Old Norse hrútr ("battering ram").
  • Alternate etymology traces Old Northern French hurter rather to Old Norse hrútr, lengthened-grade variant of hjǫrtr, from Proto-Germanic *herutuz, *herutaz, which would relate it to English hart. See hart.

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