• Especially of a liquid, to become solid due to low temperature.
  • To lower something's temperature to the point that it freezes or becomes hard.
  • To drop to a temperature below zero degrees celsius, where water turns to ice.
  • To be affected by extreme cold.
  • (of machines and software) To come to a sudden halt, stop working (functioning).
  • (of people and other animals) To stop (become motionless) or be stopped due to attentiveness, fear, surprise, etc.
  • To cause someone to become motionless.
  • To lose or cause to lose warmth of feeling; to shut out; to ostracize.
  • To cause loss of animation or life in, from lack of heat; to give the sensation of cold to; to chill.
  • To prevent the movement or liquidation of a person's financial assets
  • Of prices, spending etc., to keep at the same level, without any increase.


  • A period of intensely cold weather.
  • A halt of a regular operation.
  • The state when either a single computer program, or the whole system ceases to respond to inputs.
  • A precise draw weight shot where a delivered stone comes to a stand-still against a stationary stone, making it nearly impossible to knock out.
  • A block on pay rises or on the hiring of new employees etc.


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  • From Middle English fresen, from Old English frēosan ("to freeze"), from Proto-West Germanic *freusan, from Proto-Germanic *freusaną ("to frost, freeze"), from Proto-Indo-European *prews- ("to frost, freeze").
  • Cognate with Scots frese ("to freeze"), West Frisian frieze ("to freeze"), Dutch vriezen ("to freeze"), Low German freren, freern, fresen, German frieren ("to freeze"), Norwegian fryse, Swedish frysa ("to freeze"), Latin pruīna ("hoarfrost"), Welsh (Northern) rhew, and Sanskrit प्रुष्व ("water drop, frost").
  • See the above verb.

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