• One who follows, comes after another.
  • Something that comes after another thing.
  • One who is a part of master's physical group, such as a servant or retainer.
  • One who follows mentally, adherer to the opinions, ideas or teachings of another, a movement etc.
  • An imitator, who follows another's example.
  • A pursuer.
  • An account holder who subscribes to see content from another account on a social media platform.
  • A machine part receiving motion from another.
  • A man courting a maidservant; suitor.
  • Young cattle.
  • A metal piece placed at the top of a candle to keep the wax melting evenly.
  • Any of the three players (the ruckman, ruck rover, and rover) who usually follow the ball around the ground rather than occupying a fixed position.
  • A debt collector.
  • A tool used to remove the core from a pin-tumbler lock without causing the driver pins and springs to fall out.


Opposite words


  • From Middle English folwer, folwere, folȝere, from Old English folgere, equivalent to follow + -er. Cognate with Saterland Frisian Foulger, West Frisian folger, Dutch volger, German Folger, Swedish följare.

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