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(Image Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech)



  • A randomly selected target.
  • One who roves, a wanderer, a nomad.
  • A vagabond, a tramp, an unsteady, restless person, one who by habit doesn't settle down or marry.
  • A vehicle for exploring extraterrestrial bodies.
  • A remotely-operated vehicle; ROV
  • A position that is one of three of a team's followers, who follow the ball around the ground. Formerly a position for short players, rovers in professional leagues are frequently over 183 cm (6').
  • A defensive back position whose coverage responsibilities are a hybrid of those of a cornerback, safety and linebacker.
  • A ball which has passed through all the hoops and would go out if it hit the stake but is continued in play; also, the player of such a ball.
  • The tenth defensive player in slow-pitch softball.
  • A sort of arrow.
  • A pirate.
  • A pirate ship.


  • From Middle English roven ("to wander, to shoot an arrow randomly") --er.
  • From Middle Dutch roven ("to rob"). Cognate with Danish and Norwegian røver ("robber, thief, highwayman, brigand"), Swedish rövare, German Räuber. Compare the native English word reaver, which is ultimately the same composition.

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